If your teeth are missing prosthetics can restore them in a number of ways. Depending on the number and arrangement of the remaining teeth a prosthetic work can be cemented fixedly in the mouth or removable from the mouth. Therefore prosthetics is either fixed or removable.  

Fixed prosthetics comprise ceramic veneers, crowns and bridges.

Removable prosthetics include complete and partial dentures, combined works and dentures on telescopic crowns.

Ceramic veneers are very thin veneers made fully of ceramics that are adhered to the front surface of teeth. Veneers are often the treatment of choice as they allow for minimal teeth shaping, taking impressions and laboratory preparation. After they have been cemented to the front surface of teeth their exceptional aesthetic features make teeth look natural. Veneers can close up the gap between teeth, they can be used to correct the colour of teeth as well as badly shaped or chipped teeth. Practice proved best veneers that are made of IPS e.max ceramic (  that we also have on offer. Although veneers may seem to be a perfect solution there have been cases in which veneers are not recommended mostly because of certain features of a bite: here metal-free crowns or bridges are a way better option.

A crown is a fixed replacement that is fitted to natural teeth or implants. A crown is made when decayed teeth or their aesthetics need enhancement.  The crowned tooth must be previously shaped.

It’s worth mentioning that for producing both all-ceramic and metal ceramic works we shape the tooth to a step with a clear limit of preparation to achieve perfectly accurate crown edges.


Edges are made of ceramics so that there are no dark metal edges on the teeth we treat and gums along the crown are healthy and natural in colour. All crowns are cemented adhesively with best composite cements (panavia).

A bridge is made when missing teeth need to be bridged. In this case neighboring teeth must be shaped for the bridge to be fixed thereon.

Bridges can replace single or multiple missing teeth as well as to restore full functionality and aesthetics of dental apparatus. The simplest bridge is that made for one missing tooth: here we shape neighboring teeth and make a bridge of three units that is cemented thereon. 

estetska i parodontologija slika.jpg

Our dental clinic has on offer crowns and bridges made of high-quality materials (all-ceramic, zirconium, metal ceramic) that boast functionality and aesthetics. COSMETIC DENTISTRY

After teeth have been prepared and impressions taken the prepared teeth must be protected with temporary crowns. When fabricating temporary crowns immense importance is attached to creating precise crown edges as this enables a healthy and aesthetically optimal appearance of gums. 

When the number and arrangement of the remaining teeth don’t allow fixed work removable dentures are fabricated such as: partial or complete denture, combined works, denture on telescopic crowns.

Can be acrylic with wire clasps or enhanced with a metal frame: this is wironit partial denture with a cast clasp. As clasps upset aesthetics and cause wobbling of the remaining teeth in the long-run we prefer so called combined works or prosthetics on telescopic crowns. 

Consist of a fixedly cemented bridge or a crown and a partial wironit prosthetics that are mutually bound with an attachment. The attachment is a retention element placed under the teeth in the denture, which means, it’s invisible from the outside which in the end makes these works quite preferable. Our team uses attachments that provide an excellent fixation and stability of the denture so that they feel like natural teeth. 


Are partial dentures that are retained on telescopic crowns. A telescopic crown is made of gold and consists of the inner and outer crown.  The inner one is cemented to the tooth and the outer is fixed into the denture. The retention between the inner and outer crown is achieved through friction. As they provide an excellent retention and stability of the denture they present a kind of crossing between a removable denture and a cemented bridge. Their aesthetics is outstanding.

Is made if all teeth are lost. It’s a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue. If several remaining teeth should be extracted an immediate complete denture is fabricated until tissue heals up, usually about three months. Only at the point when no further changes are expected the final denture is made.


A complete denture requires adjustment to wearing and therefore there’s an ever-growing trend to turn to dental implants with which functional unity of a denture and neural system is obtained.