We provide a long-term warranty on all dental works that remain in the mouth.

The warranty refers to the services provided in iDentic dental clinic. 

Warranty requirements  simply patients’ regular checkups, removal of dental plaques within the deadlines laid down by the dentist i.e. twice a year at least.  

The warranty covers the technical part of the replacement but not the biological one – health condition of teeth, soft tissues and bone.

The warranty is not valid if a patient underwent any other dental treatment in another clinic without having been counselled by us.   
Patients are obliged to contact us immediately as soon as they notice a problem. 
General health condition of a patient (diabetes, osteoporosis, radiation therapy, chemo therapy) may affect certain treatments and for these cases a doctor of dental medicine cannot bear any responsibility whatsoever.



Composite filling                                  2 years

All-ceramic crown                               4 years

Metal ceramic crown                          4 years

Zirconium ceramic crown                  4 years

Implant                                                5 years

Wironit denture                                   2 years

Complete denture                               1 year


We guarantee that:


Our dental laboratory guarantees: