If you want a new smile or you´re simply not happy with the appearance of your teeth we have a solution for you!

Thanks to the smile design concept, we can design the best shape, size and colour of your teeth so that your wish for a beautiful smile comes true.

We´ll make it together with a dental technician: from the very beginning the patient also takes part in this procedure starting with expressing their wishes up to the analysis of the planned solution. Based on photographs and model of existing teeth the shape and appearance of the future teeth are designed. The obtained design is then transferred into the patient´s mouth. By doing so a patient can see the appearance of their future teeth and, in case they want any changes, they can make suggestions that will lead to a desired result.

Only when a patient is satisfied with the appearance of their future teeth we start to make the teeth. For more details about other treatments related to a new smile please look under COSMETIC DENTISTRY