If your multiple teeth are missing they can be restored either with a fixed or removable prosthetics.

Which option to take depends on:





A bridge is made when missing teeth need to be bridged. In this case neighboring teeth must be shaped for the bridge to be fixed thereon.

Bridges can replace single or multiple missing teeth as well as to restore full functionality and aesthetics of dental apparatus. The simplest bridge is that made for one missing tooth: here we shape neighboring teeth and make a bridge of three units that is cemented thereon. 

Our dental clinic has on offer crowns and bridges made of high-quality materials (all-ceramic, zirconium, metal ceramic) that boast functionality and aesthetics. 

BRIDGE ON IMPLANTS - fixed work 

Depending on how many teeth are missing and the condition of the bone an optimal number of implants is defined to make a bridge. The bridge on the implants is the most adequate replacement for teeth in both appearance and function.

We can make bridges that are cemented on or fixed with a screw to the implants.

COMBINED WORK – fixed-removable work  

Consist of a fixedly cemented bridge or a crown and a partial wironit prosthetics that are mutually bound with an attachment. The attachment is a retention element placed under the teeth in the denture, which means, it’s invisible from the outside which in the end makes these works quite preferable. Our team uses attachments that provide an excellent fixation and stability of the denture so that they feel like natural teeth. 

DENTURES ON TELESCOPIC CROWNS – fixed-removable work 

Are partial dentures that are retained on telescopic crowns. A telescopic crown is made of gold and consists of the inner and outer crown.  The inner one is cemented to the tooth and the outer is fixed into the denture. The retention between the inner and outer crown is achieved through friction. As they provide an excellent retention and stability of the denture they present a kind of crossing between a removable denture and a cemented bridge. Their aesthetics is outstanding.

PARTIAL DENTURES – removable work

Can be acrylic with wire clasps or enhanced with a metal frame: this is wironit partial denture with a cast clasp. As clasps upset aesthetics and cause wobbling of the remaining teeth in the long-run we prefer so called combined works or prosthetics on telescopic crowns.