If your all teeth are missing they can be restored either with a fixed or removable prosthetics.

In case when all teeth are missing the red-white aesthetics  (aesthetics of gums and the length of teeth) is to be particularly taken into consideration. 

Which option to take depends on:




If there’s enough bone left to place 6 implants at least a metal ceramic, zirconium ceramic or zirconium bridge on implants can be made.


When a fixed bridge on implants is not possible a denture attached to implants is the solution.

The main feature of this replacement is that unlike a bridge that is firmly fixed on implants a denture can be taken out from the mouth so that better dental hygiene is possible.

When in the mouth a denture is retained to the implants, is not movable and it feels like your own teeth. A denture can be attached to the implants with a bar (bar-retained), locator and rhein retainer depending on the situation. In case of complete denture at least two implants should be inserted for a good retention and in order to get good stabilization four implants are recommended.

Implant-supported dentures are quite appreciated as they apart from being highly aesthetical provide you with confidence; oral hygiene is also easy to maintain.


A technique that enables a patient in one day to insert implants and place temporary fixed work on your teeth. After at least three months a final prosthetic work is made that is fixed to the implants with a screw.  

All-on-4® means inserting 4 implants in the front part of the jaw whereby two back implants are placed diagonally following the anatomic structure and two front implants horizontally. 

Arranging implants in this way 4 extremely strong bases are formed whose arrangement enables carrying the structure for the rehabilitation of the whole dental range from 10 to 12 fixed teeth


Iis made if all teeth are lost. It’s a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue. If several remaining teeth should be extracted an immediate complete denture is fabricated until tissue heals up, usually about three months. Only at the point when no further changes are expected the final denture is made. A complete denture requires adjustment to wearing and therefore there’s an ever-growing trend to turn to dental implants with which functional unity of a denture and neural system is obtained.